About AI/IoT Fundamental Test Global(AIFTG)

AIPA certified AI/IoT Fundamental Test Global (AIFTG) is a fundamental test and qualification that specializes in AI x IoT originating in Japan. The overview of AIFTG, requirements, KGI, pass rate, expiration date, fees, learning method for AIFTG are as follows. 

Overview of AIFTG

 AIPA certified AI/IoT Fundamental Test Global (AIFTG) is a fundamental test and qualification that specializes in AI x IoT originating in Japan. It aims at practicing digital transformation (DX), which is the concept that "the penetration of IT will change people's lives for the better in every aspect”, into our business activities.

We will provide a certificate and a certification logo to the certified as a privilege. Also, we will post the names and countries of those who agreed on our website.

Please take this opportunity to apply for the test and challenge acquiring AIFTG.

AIFTG will be implemented online, so you can take it at home or at office by using the Google Forms (test site).

Program on AI/IoT Fundamental Test Global (AIFTG)

Requirements, KGI, Pass rate, Expiration date, Fees

 Requirements of the AIFTG and its Key Goal Indicator (KGI) are illustrated at the following figures.


The test fee is US $ 50. The test will start in September 2021. Around 70-80% of applicants are expected to pass the test.


There is no expiry and renewal of qualification in AIFTG. After AIFTG is certified, we recommend to challenge higher qualifications such as AIPA certified AI/IoT Administrator (AIA) and AIPA certified AI/IoT Specialist (AIS) to improve AI/IoT skills and problem-solving skills. 

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Awarded an official certificate by AIPA

After acquiring the qualification, the following certificate will be presented as an official certificate (within around one week). 


* The certificate of AIFTG will be sent as a PDF. 

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Awarded AIPA certification logo

Certified and successful applicants of AIFTG will be awarded with the following qualification logo, which can be used on your business cards and websites after obtaining the qualification.

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Learning method for AIFTG

The learning method for AIFTG is as follows.


1. The test has 40 questions. Each question has 4 choices and is requested to select 1 correct answer. The test length is 60 minutes. If cannot complete the test within that time, the test will end automatically. Please be sure to finish in time. The test examines basic knowledge about the following four areas: collecting (IoT area), storing (BIGDATA area), analyzing (AI area), and protecting (Security area).


2. The possibility to pass the test will increase if you study more on IoT, BIGDATA, AI, and Security by attending related seminars and by studying books before the test.

For further inquiry on AIFTG

If you have any inquiries on AIFTG, following is the contact information.


Project Promotion Group,

Global Connectivity Department, AOTS

E-mail: newglobal-aj@aots.jp

TEL: 81-3-3888-8215   FAX: 81-3-3888-8242


※ In 2021, AI/IoT Fundamental Test Global (AIFTG) will be conducted in collaboration with the AOTS Research Institute of The Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS). https://www.aots.jp/en/